… it is difficult to tell stories about a company that will be able to tell stories about historical places, stories that will be based on a mix of facts, myths and legends.

The Natoursabor

We are a Tourist Entertainment company…

Tourist Entertainment company… that operates in Trás-os-Montes, headquartered in the county that once marked the first defensive line in the highlands of Portugal (Portuguese Highlands) – the Planalto Mirandês.
The Northeast of our country has always been associated with mountainous, rugged and difficult to access terrain. In this association of ideas, there was also talk of lands, which were located behind these hills, where, after going up and down many times, you went up and stayed up there… without descending again. 
Behind the hills were these highlands… We can assume that the name of this Portuguese province comes from these lands – the Planalto Mirandês.

Still our nature

From the name given to this province, which encompasses the entire territory covered by the province of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, the cultural differences and even a different language, we will assume that it was from this plateau, which, for purely geopolitical reasons, was born the name of Trás-os-Montes.

This is where we are… this is where we settle… and this is where we provide our services, while helping to keep the cultural flame of the region alive.

In this line of thought, we will bring to the region new forms of leisure (innovative in this region) seeking synergies with the local community, based on environmental balance, seeking regional economic strengthening through activities that promote local self-sustainability. We also aim to open up the world to these communities, via this new ease of access to products (mountaineering, climbing and diving), organizing expeditions to other places in Portugal and abroad, always based on an inclusive philosophy for All participants, regardless of their mobility limitations.

  • We are the first diving school and center in Trás-os-Montes; 
  • We want to show the region through a personalized point of view, according to customer choices; 
  • We will encourage the practice of sport, in particular, outdoor sport; 
  • We will give villages to people from cities and open the world to people from villages, in festivals, customs, gastronomy, culture and sports; 
  • We will navigate new waters (literally) showing new points of view on the region's relief, fauna and flora; 
  • We will revisit lost landscapes now submerged; 
  • We will help to strengthen Trás-os-Montes as a brand and a tourist destination. 

All this in an inclusive perspective,in all the scope that the INCLUSION concept achieves. 

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